Corporate Finance 

KPMG’s Corporate Finance practice in India has a successful track record of providing a thorough suite of financial and strategic advisory services to clients across a wide array of industries. The services comprise of objective advice on mergers and acquisitions, financing options and evaluating strategic alternatives.
Our goal is to be seen as a trusted and objective advisor and to be acknowledged as a preferred provider of corporate finance services in the global market, and as the leading provider of those services in the Indian market. 
Our international network of more than 2300 professionals working from more than 105 offices across 60 countries combined with our deep sector knowledge is united in its aim of assisting clients develop and pursue their strategic and transactional objectives. In India, our Corporate Finance team comprises approximately 60 professionals across five locations in India.

Our services include advice on:


Our team comprizing of investment bankers who are qualified engineers, MBAs from premier institutions and chartered accountants is industry focused and brings measurable value to a client’s drive for growth, competitiveness and profitability.

Our professionals’ advice is supported by:

  • A true understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our firms’ clients
  • Global execution capability
  • Connectivity with the financial markets
  • Deep sector knowledge
  • Negotiation prowess.

From raising or restructuring capital, to buying or selling a business, to making strategic and policy decisions based on value, we at KPMG in India will see things from your perspective, advocate for your position, challenge conventional wisdom and employ creativity and skill in devising and executing a favorable approach. One of our key measures of success is the achievement of your goals.