Control Self Assessment 


Control Self assessments (CSA) are a mechanism to drive accountability across the organization and seek positive assurance from line management on internal controls. Self Assessments are a key tool to support a robust CEO, CFO certification process.


Key questions that CSA helps you answer:

Are your controls operating as designed? - Ownership and accountability for risk and control is embedded into the business

How is control performance being monitored? - The ability of employees to identify risks, evaluate controls and identify areas of improvements.
Are control weaknesses being reported and actioned effectively? - Understanding issues, benchmarking multiple sites, operational areas and regions, and effectively resolving identified issues.

CSA Benefits:

  • Embeds controls conscious culture in the organization
  • Drives compliance with laid down policies and procedures
  • Instills a culture of self-accountability across the organization and reduces independent testing efforts
  •  Prioritizes independent testing efforts in high risk areas
  • Enables benchmarking business units against each other and against leading industry practices
  • Enables reduction of manual effort and costs.