Ethics Helpline 

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The best source of information for organisations to uncover and mitigate fraud and other malpractices are employees. However, many organizations face challenges in establishing a robust whistle blowing policy and subsequently have less convincing channels for encouraging employees to report suspicious incidents.


KPMG’s Ethics Helpline service can help clients establish and manage a secure, efficient and impartial reporting channel for whistle blowing. We have helped numerous companies in India with their code of conduct policies, whistleblower policies and in implementing and managing their Whistleblower mechanism.


KPMG’s Ethics Helpline Service helps our clients operationalise their whisteblower and ethics reporting mechanisms using multiple channels – phone, email, fax, physical letter - at the same time retaining an audit log for every complaint received.


Our calls are handled by trained call handlers and not automated systems or interactive voice response systems, thereby allowing users to air a range of issues. Based on client needs, periodic reports are generated to indicate any trends, patterns or areas of concern. These reports have, in the past, helped organizations set up a process for remediation and frame policies preventing vulnerabilities in their internal controls.

Our services are available in Hindi, English and multiple Indian regional languages.


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