Software Test Consulting 

KPMG in India’s Software Testing services are designed to provide thorough test consulting and delivery services to clients that would help them enhance their software quality, help ensure user satisfaction, reduce time to market and help maximize the testing ROIs.


KPMG in India’s software test consulting is designed to provide clients with software testing based advisory services in the areas of testing strategy, methodology, and process and test competency assessment across the testing life cycle. It is designed to help in identifying, adopting and implementing the industry-wide best practices in order to improve the test effectiveness and productivity, while reducing the cost of quality.


Software testing - consultancy, resourcing, training and managed services are offered to internal and global customers to help them deliver quality software products and applications to clients. Deep industry knowledge on both the business and technical sides of testing (across different domains) enables us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We use an established testing methodology and employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools to provide your organization with better software quality.



Service offering

Testing Consulting Services Testing Delivery Services
  1. Test Process Definition & Assessment
  2. Test Tool & Automation Advisory
  3. Testing Audits & Accreditation
  4. ISO 9126 Assessments
  5. Test Program Optimization
  6. Third Party Vendor Assessment
  7. Test Business Setup Support
  8. Software Product Certification
  9. Testing Training & People Assessment
  1. Test Center Set Up
  2. Test Program Management
  3. Managed Test Services
  4. Manual & Automation Testing
  5. ERP Testing Services
  6. Cloud Testing
  7. Agile Testing
  8. Web Services Testing
  9. Performance Testing
  10. Usability testing

Test service description

Test Automation: Software test automation is the process of automating the steps of manual test cases using a tool or utility to shorten the testing life cycle. When a system undergoes regression, some of the steps might be missed out or skipped, which can be avoided with automation. It helps avoid human errors, expedite the testing process, thus saving time and effort and a reduced test life cycle.


Test Center Set up: Assistance to clients to set up customized Test centers for their Testing engagements.


Test Program Management: The service is designed to help provide test program management support to organizations in their software testing engagements.


Test Process Assessment: Identification of test processes gaps to suggest potential process improvement or to introduce / eliminate process in a testing engagement to increase software testing effectiveness & to enhance the test effort spent.


Test Tool Advisory: Identification of organizational need for Test tools for functional automation, performance and test management. To recommend suitable tools, frameworks and licensing models suitable to client needs.


People Assessment: Assessment of organizational team, members, structure, skill sets and performance in order to evaluate and suggest appropriate roadmap to optimize the team efficacy.


Testing Audits & Accreditation: Provides model based and non model based evaluation services to provide independent audit services for testing related assessments, certifications & engagement validations . Also includes TMMi Based services such as detailed TMMi readiness assessment, TMMi health check, TMMi quick start assessment.


Test Program Optimization: To optimize client's software testing programs using industry standard processes and KPMG in India's optimization techniques.


ERP Testing Services: Define standard testing process and to enhance effectiveness of software testing practices in ERP programs.


Mobile Application Testing Services: One of the leading centres of excellence to provide testing services for Mobile Applications Testing.


Web based Services Testing: To provide independent test services for web based service offerings.


Third Party Vendor Assessment: Independent assessment of third party vendors based on industry specific parameters and evaluate them on their suitability as per client needs/ requirements.


Test Business Setup: Assistance to IT organizations and captive firms to set up or expand their internal independent testing businesses to provide high quality software testing services in the most cost efficient manner to the end clients.

KPMG value add

  • KPMG in India's experience gained through working with a number of leading clients helps ensure pragmatic and robust tools, tailored to meet the clients' specific requirements
  • Retrospection using Testing Metrics such as Defect removal efficiency, defect ratios and cost of defects
  • Exhaustive consulting and testing expertise across Geos, Domains and Organizations
  • Vast Domain and Process competency: Exposure to wide industry practices
  • Global reach to more than 156 countries through KPMG International's network of member firms
  • Range of testing services from Test consulting to Testing delivery
  • Alliances with global testing tool and services vendors
  • In house talent pool with Automation and Performance CoEs
  • Customer aligned consulting delivery models
  • Value based pricing options

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