Quantity, Quality and Availability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is crucial to sustaining and enhancing business. ITIL® compiles leading practices that enable organizations to implement integrated processes to effectively and economically deliver services aligned to business needs.

Product Offerings

  • KPMG in India offers customized advisory and certification assistance services to organizations that are willing to pursue an ITIL® based process improvement journey.
  • As part of the advisory services KPMG in India offers a variety of ITIL® based approaches that include:
    • Facilitating organizations to adopt ITIL® within their current working environment and for the purpose of obtaining key process improvement benefits. This service involves identification and implementation of an integrated process approach using combinations of ITIL® and ISO 9001, ITIL® and CMMI®, ITIL® and Six Sigma and others that would support the organization achieve holistic benefits while rendering a more effective and efficient service management process
    • Facilitation of ITIL® implementation leading to ISO 20000 certification – KPMG in India follows a defined facilitation methodology, that is customized to meet organizational needs and to understand current organizational process strengths and weaknesses. Based on this process understanding, a Service Improvement Program (SIP) is constituted within the organization and supported by KPMG in India to enable fulfillment of the objectives. KPMG in India further coordinates with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process
    • Process improvement in areas deemed critical by the organization based on ITIL® methodology. These critical areas are aligned with the business objectives of the organization.

Implementation approach – Advisory services

  • The approach to advisory services begins with a process improvement planning that involves identification of stakeholders, objectives and timelines
  • This is followed by an overview session on ITIL® to enable the organization to understand the implementation nuances with respect to the framework
  • Based on the requirements of the organization, a suitable integrated process approach is selected. Based on the proposed approach an integrated process framework is designed. The process frameworks are created in a manner that seeks to allow maximum alignment to existing organizational practices and robust enough to handle further enhancements to the process
  • Process deployment involves conducting pilots, deployment workshops and monitoring the outcomes. Based on the pilots a large scale organizational deployment is planned and executed
  • If the organization wishes to obtain ISO 20000 certification KPMG in India would coordinate with the existing RCB’s and plan out the certification scope and timelines.









ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet office in the United Kingdom and other countries

® CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University

® ISO is a trademark of the International Standards Organisation.


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