Special Interests 

We at KPMG have created several forums where peers can exchange insights and share leading practices, knowledge and insights to help advance and enrich their business.
ACIsrael – Audit Committee Institute 

ACI The Israeli Audit Committee Institute was formed at the end of 2007, for the purpose of serving the members of audit committees in Israel, acknowledging the growing importance of audit committee duties. ACIsrael helps its members understand the requirements and on-going changes that affect the directors in the performance of their duties in the frequently changing business environment. In addition, the forum is intended to serve as a source of knowledge for members of audit committees for the purpose of receiving current information and sharing knowledge with other audit committee members. Past roundtable topics included:
  • Risk management methodology and practice
  • Round table meeting for audit committee members of SEC companies
  • Mutual relations between the independent auditor and internal auditor and the audit committee
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Business Development Club 

Business Development Club The Business Development Club (BDC), sponsored by KPMG Somekh Chaikin, was established to provide a professional platform and an up-to-date information source for business development and M&A officers of leading companies and groups in Israel. BDC serves as an environment where leaders from all industries can: share pertinent information, discuss hot topics, and develop inter-personal and professional connections. Ultimately, Biz Dev officers can expect to gain further insight and knowledge to facilitate growth in the local and international markets.
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KPMG College 

In today’s business environment and in a world of regulatory changes, legislative changes, changing taxes and constant updates, we need to keep our clients up to date regarding all these changes so that together we may produce the best possible results. KPMG College is a platform through which we provide the information to the firm’s clients on a regular basis by means of organized conferences. Each meeting provides an outlook on a different area of business and is comprised of a number of speakers such as: partners and senior managers of the firm, academics personalities and business experts. In addition to the academic aspect, our meetings also provide a networking place for colleagues, and the chance to learn from the experience of others and share professional knowledge. The conferences are held in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.
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Tax Directors Club 

Tax Directors Club The Tax Directors Club (TDC) forum was established at the beginning of 2009 for the purpose of creating a platform for sharing professional knowledge on current matters relating to the Israeli and international tax world. It provides a response to tax managers of leading companies in the Israeli economy, whose significance to finance departments has substantially increased in recent years. The TDC has hosted guest speakers such as KPMG partners from around the globe and senior Ministry of Finance and Tax Authority personnel.
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