Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Arnon Attis
Head of Training

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Corporate Training 

Find out about our Corporate Training Programs offered to a variety of target audiences.
Today’s business environment is constantly changing and evolving. New trends drive professionals to keep updating and acquire new skills. As such, appropriate training is the key to adding value to your business activities.
KPMG Somekh Chaikin can help you. We offer high-standard learning programs that suit your particular needs in our fields of expertise: Accounting, Tax, Business.

Our courses are structured for every organizational level; starting from the field, to the management and up to boards of directors.

Moreover, KPMG Somekh Chainkin offers a wide range of additional customized training programs:
  • 1x1 Sessions for Executives
  • Special Trainings for Non-Accountants (Consultants, Analysts, Lawyers etc.)
  • Unique Banking and Financial Institutions Courses

You can choose one-time lecture or continuous programs.

Our lecturers provide you with the latest developments and a multidisciplinary approach they have accumulated in extensive practical and field work.

We are happy to be at your disposal for any further details,

Please contact Dikla Kamber-Laskov:, 03-6848424.

Accounting Trainings

Accounting issues in regards to accounting standards:
  • Israeli
  • American (US GAAP)
  • International (IFRS)
Accounting principles for companies from various sectors;
  • The financial sector (banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, provident funds, investment houses)
  • Real estate and industry
  • Technology and communications
  • Municipal and government non-profits and institutions

Tax Trainings
  • Israeli tax principles
  • International tax principles
  • Examination and reporting requirements with respect to transfer pricing
  • Tax emphasis in specific sectors including: R&D, industry and technology
  • Transaction financing from a tax point of view
  • Taxation of non-profits and public institutions
  • Employee options
  • VAT principles
  • Principles for offsetting losses
  • National insurance principles
  • Suspension of the Adjustments Law and the effects of the transitional provisions
  • Preparing for a deduction’s audit
  • Preparing for tax-year-end

Business Trainings

Business training
  • Improving business performance
  • Dealing with times of crisis
  • Equity compensation for officers
  • Principles for preparing for mergers and acquisitions from an economic, tax and accounting point of view
  • Valuations for purposes of acquiring and selling assets and for purposes of presentation according to accepted accounting principles

Information systems and risk management
  • Information security principles
  • Integration of new systems (ERP)
  • Regulatory aspects for IT
  • Detection and prevention of fraud and embezzlement
  • Emphasis on preventing money laundering
  • Readiness for compliance with SOX 404 requirements
  • Readiness for compliance with Basel 2
  • Lessons of SOX 404 implementation until now
  • Emphasis on future SOX implementations
  • Readiness and compliance with Goshen rules
  • Internal auditing for organizations

Directors Program
  • Directors’ involvement in corporate governance
  • Enterprise Risk management
  • Relationship with the organization’s internal auditor
  • Employee compensation/options brought to the approval of the board of directors
  • Tax principles for directors
  • Taxation in Israel and around the world as a consideration in management decisions
  • Basel 2 rules and the means of dealing with them from the point of view of the board
  • International accounting principles adopted in Israel as a tool for understanding the financial statements of companies in the following sectors: real estate, industry, capital market, technology, non-profits, municipal and government institutions
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the USA (US GAAP) and reporting regulations for directors

Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Banking:
  • Financial reporting requirements (public reporting) and the structure of banks’ financial statements
  • Accounting treatment of impaired debts – the new directive of the Supervisor of Banks, including the effects of its initial application and its practical application
  • Directive 313, concentration of indebtness of borrower and the effects of its initial application
  • Directive 342, management of liquidity risk
  • Accounting and accounting standards:
  • IFRS course for analysts of financial statements of public companies in Israel
  • IFRS course modified for banks that prepare their financial statements according to the directives of the Supervisor of Banks (combining IFRS as adopted by the Supervisor of Banks)
  • A lecture on American accounting standards regarding the accounting treatment of financial instruments
  • A course on the accounting treatment of derivatives and hedges
  • Risk management:
  • Basel III
  • Basel II and its manner of application in Israel
  • Regulatory developments in the USA (Dodd-Frank)
  • International regulatory developments

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