KPMG International Annual Review 2011 

The KPMG International Annual Review 2011 records a year of milestones for the KPMG global network of professional firms – including double-digit growth, a reduced carbon footprint and a ranking as Universum’s most attractive employer in the world, just behind Google.

KPMG International Annual Review 2011 online

KPMG International Annual Review 2011 online
View the Annual Review online to find out how KPMG is Bringing the best to our clients through pursuing the right strategy, focusing on the fundamentals of our business and making the right investments in our strategic priorities.

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The Review, which contains video and animated graphics, tells the KPMG story with client service examples including: continued investment in China, with China practices now operating in 41 countries; focus on key industries and Centers of Excellence that unite KPMG’s experts in specific industries; and, acquisitions that expand high-demand service offerings including areas in Tax and Management Consulting.

KPMG leaders talk about helping clients respond to real-world business challenges across the globe in 2011. For Mark Goodburn, Global Head of Advisory, transformation tops the agenda, particularly when it comes to helping companies adapt to dramatic changes in regulation. Greg Wiebe, Global Head of Tax, explains how his teams leverage member firms worldwide to help multinationals respond to constantly changing tax systems. Joachim Schindler, Global Head of Audit, stresses the importance of quality, as well as services such as Integrated Reporting, something clients increasingly desire.

High performing people play the pivotal role in driving KPMG’s growth and relevancy to clients. In a video in the 2011 Review, Rachel Campbell, Global Head of People, says she looks for “people who have a global mindset, who are forward thinking, who can really add value, who are absolutely expert at what they do and who are passionate about what they do.”

An interactive world map highlights some of our contributions to the places we live and work while Lord Michael Hastings, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, explains the three pillars of KPMG’s citizenship strategy.

In addition, the Review’s animated graphics provide statistics on the KPMG’s Global Green program, Global Mobility assignments, and fiscal 2010 performance.