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Ireland is widely recognised as a global technology hub and a magnet for tech businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. As the leading advisor to the sector we pride ourselves on providing timely insights and commentary on the key business issues.


Talent matters  

As noted in the Irish Times’ 2015 American Business in Ireland report, it’s impossible to avoid mentioning tax when it comes to discussing FDI and Ireland. However, Anna Scally, who leads KPMG Ireland’s Technology, Media and Telecoms practice, insists that the country’s attractive corporate tax rate is but one reason why multinationals choose to settle here.


‘Tax is important and will continue to be so but it’s worth noting that it’s only of importance to profit-making companies. A lot of the newer entrant companies that have come to Ireland recently aren’t profitable so corporate tax rate isn’t a huge factor initially. The talent here would be much more important to them than the tax rate, as would be the fact that many of their peers are here and doing well.’


Nonetheless, new moves by the Government to attract FDI, such as the introduction of the ‘knowledge development box’ scheme later this year should help to strengthen Ireland’s appeal to organisations considering a move here.


‘A package consisting of a 12.5 per cent tax rate, combined with a 25 per cent R&D tax credit and a knowledge development box, will likely prove very attractive to companies and may well encourage more to do research and development activities in Ireland,’ says Scally.

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