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Innovation in business


Innovation is more than just a word - it’s an attitude to business shared by successful companies and their leaders in every sector.

alternative investment fund managers directive



The alternative investment fund managers directive (AIFMD) seeks supervision of investment management vehicles such as hedge funds.

fatca image of books



The foreign account tax compliance act (FATCA) is US legislation that funds the employment-boosting measures included in President Obama’s HIRE Act.

Ireland as a technology hub

Ireland as a technology hub


Ireland is widely recognised as a global technology hub and a magnet for tech businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

irish flag

Ireland: The gateway to Europe


Did you know Ireland is the entry route to Europe for many major multinational companies?

ixbrl technology

iXBRL: Filing compliant accounts


Towards the end of 2012, the Revenue announced its plans to introduce iXBRL into the Irish tax compliance process.

sustainability leaf



Today, climate change and sustainability issues are rising to the top of corporate agendas.

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