Employment Tax Services 

KPMG’s Employment Tax services practice advises companies and executives on employer and employee taxes, including PAYE and PRSI, compensation and benefits, and employee share incentive schemes.

In an environment of increased Revenue audits, the correct operation and compliance with the PAYE/PRSI system is vitally important. The correct design of compensation and remuneration packages—including salary, bonuses, benefits and share incentive schemes—can provide cost and tax savings for both employers and employees alike.


How we can help

  • PAYE and PRSI reviews
  • PAYE/PRSI Revenue audit assistance
  • Social security
  • Employee compensation and benefits review and design
  • Flexible benefits
  • Employee share incentive schemes
  • Downsizing
  • Pension and retirement planning


Further information

If you require further information on employment tax issues, please contact John BradleyBilly Burke, or any member of our tax team.