Country Focus 

We have a number of tax professionals specifically focused on certain countries to provide clients with advice on investment into and out of those regions. Our deep industry knowledge and experience means we can help you manage international business opportunities to your advantage.

For more information please see our Expanding into New Markets guides or contact the partner shown below:



Brazil China

rio de janeiro


Johnny Hanna


+353 1 4101642


china country tax desk


Brian Daly


+353 1 4101278

India Japan

india country tax desk


Liam Lynch


+353 1 4101734

tokyo skyline


Seamus Hand


+353 1 4101437

Middle East Russia

middle east country tax desk


Tom Woods


+353 1 4102589

the red square


Tom Woods


+353 1 4102589

United States United Kingdom

united states country tax desk


Adrian Crawford


+353 1 4101351

big ben


Eamonn Donaghy


+353 1 4103839

Tax contacts

Conor O'Brien, Partner 

Conor O'Brien

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Partner & Head of Tax

+353 1 410 2027

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