Corporate Tax 

Our professionals have the technical knowledge and practical experience to help organisations seize tax opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Our services include: 


  • Structuring Irish and cross-border mergers & acquisitions
  • Assisting in the calculation of a company's overall tax charge
  • Advice on transactions realising shareholder value
  • Providing advice to those who are establishing a new business
  • Advising on financing structures
  • Assessing the implications of Irish and EU court decisions for client operations
  • Dealing efficiently and effectively with the tax authorities, both in Ireland and internationally.


Why choose KPMG?

Our industry-experienced corporate tax professionals support companies in many industry sectors, irrespective of whether they are long-established global players or newly-established businesses.


Why corporate tax matters

Tax is one of the most important variables facing a business. It helps determine what kind of corporate structure is appropriate.


Further information

If you require further information on corporate tax issues, please contact Conor O'Brien or any member of our tax team.