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Executive Search

An executive search gives clients the option of recruiting for a senior position discreetly. From KPMG's extensive knowledge of the Irish and international recruitment markets, we offer a research-based executive search service, locating suitable candidates without publicly advertising the position.


Executive Selection

Advertising is an effective way to help ensure that all potential candidates are aware of the position on offer. A KPMG-sponsored advertisement is a very effective way for clients to let the market know what they are looking for, and is also an effective PR tool in raising corporate profiles. We work with clients on drafting the advertisements, assessing and interviewing candidates and developing a shortlist.


Search and Selection Combination

Certain roles do not suit the pure executive search approach, and advertising alone may not produce a comprehensive shortlist. A combination of Search and Selection can be extremely successful and is the preferred method of filling senior positions for many of our clients.


Accountancy Recruitment

KPMG’s unique knowledge and business network allows us to fill positions across a number of industry sectors, focusing on senior accounting appointments with an emphasis on senior financial roles.

For all of our services, we:


  • Endeavour to understand the client organisation and the position to be filled
  • Discuss and agree on the job specification
  • Agree on an ideal candidate profile and the most effective recruitment strategy for the position
  • Locate candidates through executive search, database search or advertising
  • Conduct in-depth, professional interviews
  • Shortlist suitable candidates
  • Support and follow-up, including remuneration negotiation.


KPMG’s Executive Search & Selection practice adheres to a very strict code of professional conduct, which is discussed in advance with all clients and candidates.


Executive Interview Advice

KPMG’s Executive Search & Selection practice has identified a niche in the executive recruitment market where our clients have already carried out the selection process, but lack the experience or expertise to accurately and professionally interview and assess the final pool of candidates.


In response to this, we have assembled an Interview Advice team that provides clients with the methodology and measurement tools to carry out a complete executive interview process.


As part of this service, we can:


  • Meet with the client to analyse the role, identifying and agreeing on the skills and personality fit of the suitable candidate.
  • Produce a detailed job and person specification in conjunction with the client.
  • Plan the interview process with the client. Usually this will be a two round interview process.
  • Oversee and advise on first round interviews – usually a core skills based interview.
  • Provide the client with an assessment methodology to effectively measure the candidates against each other and to make sound and best practice based recruitment decisions. KPMG’s Executive Search & Selection practice has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the actual selection of the final candidate, and only provides interview advice, experience and assistance.
  • Oversee and advise on second round interviews – usually a presentation from the candidate.
  • Advise the client on the steps they need to take in order to negotiate and finalise a job offer.


Executive Career Change Advice

KPMG’s Executive Search & Selection practice has launched a new service in response to the changing global economic market. We have designed a comprehensive service, which will facilitate companies looking to offer the best possible career change, job search advice etc. to outgoing senior executives as a result of restructuring or redundancy.


Our team can work closely with clients to help ensure that their executives are treated with the utmost professionalism and given all the tools necessary to aid them in the career change process. We will evaluate CVs and redesign them to best practice standards, provide an in-depth skills assessment interview, discuss best job search approaches, advise on career options and coach candidates in interview skills.

KPMG in Ireland does not offer Executive Selection & Search services to its SEC registered audit clients.

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