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KPMG and CB Insights: VC-backed Companies Raise $32bn Globally in Q2


Venture capital (VC)-backed companies raised more than $32 billion globally in Q2 2015 across over 1,800 deals, bringing the total raised by VC-backed companies globally to $59.8 billion for the first half of 2015, according to a new report from KPMG and CB Insights.


Almost 80% of global CEOs expect to increase recruitment as outlook improves


A survey of CEOs by KPMG has found that the chief executives of global businesses are confident about the ability of their companies to grow over the next three years and are optimistic about the prospects for the world economy.


KPMG Announces Sponsorships for Tech Start-up Conferences


KPMG International today announced a multi-year, multi-event sponsor partnership with the organisers of Web Summit, a cutting-edge technology summit.


Digital Disruption Impacting 45% of Irish CIOs


Almost 4,000 IT executives from over 50 countries took part in this survey – the largest of its kind - capturing a snapshot of the key challenges facing the sector and forecasting trends to come.


Developing a strategy for business growth


If you’re a company looking to invest in research and development, Ireland is a good place to take that step.


Information Open Day for At Risk Citizens in Dublin


Homeless and financial aid charities in Dublin will gather under one roof on Friday, 8 May to provide information and assistance to citizens seeking support on a range of social services.


KPMG survey finds investors wary of hacked businesses


A cyber-attack could cost a business its investor backing, according to new figures published by KPMG.


KPMG survey finds less than one third of construction projects completed on time


A global survey of construction project owners by KPMG has found that over half of project owners experienced one or more underperforming projects in the previous year, despite confidence in project planning.


Tax Medal Awarded in Memory of KPMG Belfast Tax Partner


Alison McClenahan from PwC Belfast has been awarded the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s ‘KPMG Pat Cullinan Memorial Medal’ for achieving the highest mark of all Northern Ireland candidates in the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s final exams in 2014.


KPMG poll finds 81% of Irish businesses plan job increases in 2015


A poll of privately owned Irish businesses by KPMG has found that 81 per cent of companies expect to see an increase in their headcount over the coming twelve months.


KPMG launches new guide for green bond issuers


KPMG has published guidance for private and public sector organisations aimed at overcoming the challenges commonly faced when issuing ‘green bonds’.

Pension funds to equal 25% of 2020 fund capital inflows


A global survey of hedge fund managers by KPMG International has found that a majority of managers expect a significant shift in their primary sources of capital, with most saying that pension funds would be their primary sources of capital by 2020.   

US-Ireland Research Innovation Awards - Call for nominations


The US-Ireland Research Innovation Awards recognise and celebrate excellent innovation that has occurred on the island of Ireland thanks to US FDI.  

Mergers & Acquisitions: Irish merger activity set to top 2014 figures (PDF, 851KB)


KPMG in the Media

Audit: An Auditor's Perspective (PDF, 133KB)


Daniel O’Donovan discusses the key changes and challenges facing auditors as they grapple with Companies Act 2014.

August 2015

Financial Reporting: Time to Change


The introduction of the Financial Reporting Council’s New GAAP framework is the biggest financial reporting change for most companies in a generation, writes Colm O’Sé.

August 2015

Tax: VAT Matters (PDF, 414KB)


David Duffy highlights the latest VAT cases and discusses recent VAT developments.

August 2015

Operation transformation: managing change


As different sectors evolve and change, there should be plenty of opportunities for jobs in Ireland.


FinTech: Reinventing Ireland’s Fortunes


"FinTech represents an opportunity for Ireland that has huge potential for growth and employment," says Anna Scally, partner at KPMG Ireland and head of the firm's Technology, Media and Telecoms practice.


Plenty to gain from the international perspective


A new KPMG survey highlights what matters to global chief executives and what Ireland must do to keep attracting foreign direct investment.


Creating opportunities by dealing with cyber threats


A survey carried out by KPMG earlier this year revealed the true extent of the damage which can be done to an organisation by a cyber attack.


Megatrends - Acting now will benefit us all


Accounting firm KPMG is on a mission to change the way we look at the world and to help businesses innovate with sustainable product and investments


Focus On: Intellectual Property


With public consultation complete, the government’s new Knowledge Development Box (KDB) is expected to be available early next year.


The Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland Bill)


Ireland is a bi-jurisdictional island, however; and for those living in “the North”, a low rate of corporation tax was not feasible. Northern Ireland, as part of the United Kingdom, is subject to the UK corporation tax rates.


Auditors: The quest for relevance


Daisy Downes asked Chartered Accountants Ireland Council Member and Head of Audit at KPMG Conall O’Halloran whether changes introduced in the Corporate Governance Code and Auditing Standards that aim to improve company stewardship have resulted in any meaningful changes in auditors’ reports.


Indirect tax in Ireland


Niall Campbell, VAT Partner and Head of Innovation at KPMG Ireland, provides his insight into Ireland’s Indirect Tax policy, how it compares to the rest of Europe, and why communicating at an early stage with Irish Revenue can help companies reduce interest and penalties and ultimately avoid bankruptcy.


Ireland has plenty to learn from the SXSW Interactive festival


Anna Scally of KPMG believes we can build a similar reputation to that of Austin.


Latter-day Dublin


Shaun Murphy, Managing Partner of KPMG in Ireland, discusses Dublin’s liveability, connectivity, infrastructure and innovation, and implementing policy to drive entrepreneurship and competitiveness.


Celebrating success can be key to greater innovation


A continuing refrain in this country for many years has been the call for increased innovation in all walks of life and in industry in particular. It has almost become accepted wisdom that we don’t invest enough in it to do it particularly well and that we have a long we to go before we catch up on our neighbours. 


Time to focus on domestic innovation


Despite significant progress on taxation and other industrial policy issues during the past year, KPMG managing partner Shaun Murphy believes the Government may have missed some important opportunities to offer greater support to indigenous enterprise and entrepreneurship generally.


Moments matter at momentous Web Summit


The sheer scale of the numbers associated with the 2014 Web Summit can almost distract from what happened at the event: billion-dollar businesses, million-euro deals, 22,000 visitors, hundreds of speakers, thousands of exhibitors.


Innovation can be stimulated through taxation


The international coverage of Ireland’s corporation tax regime over the past few years has tended to cast it in a rather negative light.


Finding hidden gems in the mine of audit information


Eric Schmidt of Google once said that every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003.


Ireland and innovation – leader or follower?


Ireland still lags behind a number of our EU neighbours when it comes to innovation, according to a recent study from the European Commission.


Money and technology at the crossroads


Fintech is one of the newer buzzwords to hit business lexicon and it means essentially what it says – the convergence of financial services and technology.



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