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KPMG Payroll Service 

Freeing up valuable time

In an increasingly difficult trading environment and an era of increased Revenue audit activity, many companies outsource their payroll function to ensure compliance with complex tax legislation, while also delivering cost savings and payroll process efficiencies.


Outsourcing can free up management time allowing them to focus on other key areas of the business.

KPMG Payroll Service
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What are the main benefits of outsourcing your payroll function?

  • Increased efficiency by having your valued employees focus on other core areas of the business
  • Increased confidence in the accuracy of the payroll
  • Ensure deadlines will be met
  • Ensure compliance with the current tax legislation
  • Removes the cost of employing a dedicated payroll person to manage the payroll process
  • Access to knowledge that may not be available to your organisation internally


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Outsourced Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll function to experienced payroll managers who provide a fully managed payroll service has become a sensible option for many organisations including MNCs, SMEs and start-ups, providing peace of mind, confidentiality and the freeing up of valuable time in your company.

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