A number of years ago KPMG launched a Payroll Giving programme, and a number of staff signed up to donate money to charities out of their salary each month. This has allowed much needed money to go to the charities that we have supported to date.


KPMG is working with a new online charity to pilot a Payroll Giving initiative through them, which will give staff more flexibility, interaction and transparency with the charities they choose and the projects they support. Therefore, if people are interested in donating money to charity, this is an easy and efficient way to do it.


By supporting this pilot programme, KPMG staff can make a huge difference to charities and the wider community. The input of our staff will ultimately empower MyGoodPoints as a charity to recruit thousands more donors and to generate hundreds of thousands of euro in donations to directly fund worthy charity projects at home and overseas. is a new online charity, which aims to empower people as donors to connect directly with charity projects of their choice at home and overseas to let people see exactly how their donations will be spent.


MyGoodPoints has built a world class online donation platform, harnessing the latest technologies and applying the best business practices. The concept of the new online charity is to run a low cost operation by using technology smartly to keep the cost base down, and engaging willing volunteers and companies to source skills, software, services and support. The technology makes it easy to donate by letting donors easily choose projects, learn more about the charities they are interested in and donate directly. MyGoodPoints will ensure donors get timely and relevant feedback posted directly from the workers on the ground – video and photograph updates and thank you notes.


All the charity partners on the website are registered and approved charities that meet MyGoodPoints rigorous criteria. There is also 100% transparency on your donations, and you can choose directly what specific project your money goes towards. There is also improved efficiency in the charity sector, allowing donors the freedom to choose charities and projects based on project details, costs, feedback they receive, accountability shown, impact, etc. This form of insight, transparency and direct engagement will create healthy competition between the charities, both local and international, which will in turn drive increased efficiencies and improve accountability to donors.


Projects range in size, location and topic. There are currently over 50 different charities offering a range of projects to choose from.


There are a number of Irish charities, including ISPCC, Barnardos, Young Social Innovators, Spinal Injuries, Irish Cancer Society, Peter McVerry Trust, Depaul Ireland, The Rise Foundation, Irish Deaf kids, Debra Ireland, Special Olympics, Third Age, Jack & Jill, Saplings, Meningitis Research Foundation, Suas, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, and Northern Ireland Cancer Fund.


There are also a large number of overseas charities such as Camara, Haven, Foundation Nepal, Orbis, Progressio, Trocaire, Goal, Concern, Right to Sight, Self Help Africa, A-Z Charity, Rakai Councellors, Scoop, Tomorrow’s Youth.


You can choose the project you want to give your money to, and see the amount already raised to date and how close your choosen project is to being fully funded.


You can check out the website at