Accounting Advisory Services 

KPMG Indonesia’s Accounting Advisory professionals work with clients to help them address compliance, advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes and helping ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.


Our Accounting Advisory Services practice can help clients with a range of matters that have significant accounting ramifications, including: 

  • converting to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • initial public offerings
  • merger and acquisition activity
  • cross-border transactions
  • improving the speed and quality of financial reporting (Quality Close)
  • improvements to the financial reporting process.   


When extraordinary circumstances create a need for temporary assistance, e.g. during M&A activity or restructuring, we are able to co-source scarce accounting and financial reporting resources.


Performance & regulatory compliance

We can help clients address the accounting considerations involved in new regulatory compliance initiatives, including new accounting standards or regulatory pronouncements. We can also assist clients with addressing capital market expectations of reliable, transparent and detailed financial information. We advise on improving systems and processes so that clients are better able to create an appropriate balance between performance, risks, and related controls, while delivering accurate and timely information to significant stakeholders.



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Contact Anton

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Head of Risk Consulting

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