Business Performance Services 

KPMG Indonesia's Business Performance Services help clients identify and implement business improvement opportunities. We have experience in helping organizations across a range of industry sectors respond to change and add value to the enterprise.


    In Business Performance Services, our clients are looking for strategic insight into operational and performance related issues. This is where we often need to deal with abstract problem solving; in turn, this often requires that we adapt methodologies to suit the exact nature of the issue at hand. Generally speaking, our work can normally be categorized as: 

    • Implementation and measuring business performance metrics
    • Changing organizational design and alignment with desired metrics (BPO)
    • Changing the business to meet metrics
    • Managing large-scale transformation
    • Change management





Contact Iwan

Contact Iwan

Iwan Atmawidjaja

Head of Management Consulting

+62 (0) 21 574 0877