• Industry: Financial Services
  • Type: Publication series
  • Date: 4/23/2014

Frontiers in Finance - April 2014 

Data, analytics and technology: Strategic enablers for the CIO

As in every other business sector, financial services companies are having to respond to rapid and transformational developments in data, information and technology. Taking advantage of these developments requires fresh approaches to systems, processes and governance. Improving the alignment between the data and information systems relied on by internal management and external regulators is fundamental. We believe the articles in this issue should help illuminate some of the directions for future development.
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  • Systemic risk: a limitation of traditional risk management practices
  • How banks can build shareholder value through annual reports
  • How technology has driven change in the payment services industry
  • Regulatory roundtable: bank supervision focuses on technology and data risk
  • Leveraging visual analytics for real-time business intelligence
  • Cyber crime: Insurers in the firing line
  • Rebuilding and reinforcing banks’ risk data infrastructure
  • Managing data throughout its lifecycle