• Service: Audit
  • Industry: Financial Services, Investment Management
  • Date: 6/29/2015

The New Inconvenient Truth, Social Media: Too big for wealth managers to ignore? 

Social media is changing the role of the wealth advisor. Social media is too often underutilized within wealth management. In the report, we look at:
  •  The evolving client-wealth manager relationship – Social media, while disruptive to the industry, is empowering the consumer providing them with access to more information and choices. The digital savvy wealth advisor has an opportunity to sift through this information and showcase their abilities, knowledge, products and teams.
  • Mitigating the shift driven by social media – Social media analytics can provide wealth managers with instant indicators of sentiments that may explode into the next crisis. Social media also provides an unfiltered opportunity to find out what clients really want and ensure you are speaking to their interests.
  • Social risk and regulation – If you are not actively participating in social media, it is very easy to lose control of your firm’s reputation. And if you are participating in social media, regulators are starting to look. Social media outreach will need to meet set standards.