Consumer Goods 

This broad ranging sector incorporates durables such as home furnishings and non-durables such as food and beverages, personal care and household items.

KPMG Indonesia is helping its clients to step ahead by providing consulting services based on the accumulated experience and in-depth understanding of the various challenges in a business, such as the global consumer products industry, environmental changes in E-business, legal & socio political regulations, climate change, brand management, and supply chain management.

With the changing landscape of global retail companies, key suppliers face increased competition and unpredictable economies. The resulting challenges for Consumer Products companies include:


  • Globalization – international expansion and penetration will be key to maintaining robust sales growth
  • Technology and innovation – Business-to-Business (B2B) e-tailing and consumer demand for “smart appliances” all present a unique set of risks and issues
  • Social, regulatory and political barriers – Corporate social responsibility, stricter environmental controls and consumer groups, all add to the pressures of sustained growth
  • Effective Brand Management – As consumers face a growing number of choices – manufacturers have to increasingly find ways to differentiate and manage brand portfolios effectively
  • Improving distribution – strengthening relationships with retailers by catering to retail price, product and distribution demands.

All this has to be achieved in an increasingly complex environment where expanding sales and keeping costs to a minimum are essential for future growth. KPMG works with a number of leading consumer products companies to help clients manage their business and technology risks and increase competitiveness by creating, releasing and protecting value. Our consumer markets practice uses in-depth business understanding to develop strategies that help clients stay one step ahead of the competition.



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