Tax Advice for the Financial Services Sector 

Our specialist tax team assists banks, banking groups, brokerage firms, leasing companies and insurance companies to navigate their own particular tax and VAT problems, to avoid the major pitfalls and to optimize their opportunities. In this sector, in particular with regard to accountancy and taxation, requirements often significantly differ from regulations in other sectors.


Csaba László

Csaba László

Senior Partner

+36 (1) 887-7420

We provide assistance in the following areas:
  • opinions on specific transactions or the interpretation of legal provisions;
  • EU-related legal interpretations, tax planning;
  • financing arrangements between corporate group members (international tax planning, capital market products, structured treasury products, cash pooling, investment funds);
  • Business re-structuring and rebranding (transformation into a multi-profile bank);
  • outsourcing;
  • taxation and introduction of remuneration schemes, review of insurance plans;
  • interest paid abroad (e.g. in respect of syndicated loans), taxation of dividends, reduction of withholding tax burdens in respect of international investment services;
  • clarification of taxation issues in connection with new services and products;
  • preparation of requests for binding conditional tax assessment and agreement with the competent authorities.

In addition to issuing opinions (during due diligence and tax review procedures) the group identifies areas which companies treat differently from the valid legal regulations, and areas where the companies pay taxes unnecessarily, i.e. where tax savings may be achieved. Also, during investigations performed by the tax authority, we keep in close contact with our clients and provide help in managing the problems and findings arising, preparing notes and appeals or in representing the company when under tax authority review.