Mergers and Acquisitions Group 

KPMG's M&A tax group carries out diagnostic (system-related), comprehensive (covering all types of tax) and limited (only covering certain types of tax) reviews, in order to assist clients to identify and manage tax risks and to assist them in all tax aspects of transactions. We provide due diligence reports and advise on tax structuring in relation to M&A activity. Our written reports present our findings, identifying:

  • tax risks,
  • tax management opportunities,
  • level of compliance with legal regulations,
  • the potential cost of errors which might be discovered during a future tax investigation (where possible),
  • the transactions where enterprises pay taxes unnecessarily.



Gábor Beer

Gábor Beer

Partner, Head of Tax

+36 (1) 887-7329

Our reviews disclose the problematic areas and tax risks in time, and our suggestions give businesses an opportunity to avoid or mitigate the negative findings of a subsequent tax investigation performed by the tax authority.  


We can assist in solving and correcting the problems identified, and can also help save potential penalties and interest, by:

  • reclaiming overpayments,
  • compiling self-revisions,
  • checking the correctness of draft corporate tax returns,
  • compiling the returns, and
  • obtaining more comprehensive supporting documentation and explanations.


If the tax authority has already identified problems at your company, we can help with preparing relevant notes or appeals, as well as representing you in meetings with the tax authority.