Transparency Report

"We are pleased to present this Transparency Report for KPMG Hungary Ltd for the year to 30 September 2015. We hope that providing information about who we are, how we are organised and what quality processes we follow to assure integrity and audit quality will help enhance public confidence in us and the audit reports we provide."


Rezső Rózsai

Rezső Rózsai

Partner, Head of Audit Services

+36 (1) 887-7191


As auditors, we assist clients in providing transparent information for their stakeholders, management and boards as well as investors and regulators.
The overall result is an independent and incisive audit opinion attesting the quality of the information provided.
Audit services

Our Audit Services

    Our audit opinion is the result of a powerful combination of professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior, underpinned by rigorous quality control procedures. Our multidisciplinary approach and industry focus means that our audit engagement teams include experienced professionals in the related areas and the given industry as well.