Tax Alerts
APEH on rehabilitation contribution
Changes in the conditions for the development allowance
Changes in the European Union social security coordination
Changing rules in respect of assets transferred without charge
Constitutional Court's decision on wealth tax
Donation of one percent of personal income tax paid
Tax-netural donations
U.S. – Hungary Treaty update
Wealth tax regulations
In this alert we briefly inform our Clients about the recent Constitutional Court’s decision on wealth tax
Sector specific surtax
On 22 July 2010, the Parliament accepted amendment of some tax rules
VAT on R&D activities
Payment changes to the Hungarian mandatory private pension fund system
Changes of invoicing decree in 2010 regarding sample numbering
Obligations related to the 30% withholding tax
Tax proposal in connection with subsidising certain sports
Environmental Product Charge legislation is to be substantially reconstituted
New Real Estate Investment Trust regime to be introduced in Hungary
Several provisions of the Act on PIT and the Tax Amnesty Rule are to be amended
The Parliament has accepted the new proposal regarding the transformation of the Environmental Product Charge legislation
Parliament accepts amendments of specific economic acts
The Hungarian Parliament has accepted the Public Health Product Fee Act. The new Act will come into force on 1 September 2011.
New Act on real estate investment trusts (REIT)
ECJ: The state cannot endlessly postpone VAT refunds
Changes in the social security and personal income tax legislations
Interim changes in the excise duty and gambling tax legislation
Proposed amendments to the tax law 2012
The proposal amending excise duty and gambling tax legislation has been accepted
Changes are expected in the vocational contribution system
Hungary: Tax audits from a combined green tax/VAT perspective
Until the end of the year…
Change in the deadlines for VAT refund claims
More safety in research and development
The deadline to submit the announcement relating to civil defense contributions is imminent
New Government decree expected to be accepted on the rules of the direct cash grant assessed by the Hungarian Government
The Judgment of the European Court of Justice on the conditions of input VAT deduction and the restrictions in the regulations and practices of a Member State
Tax Amnesty will be over by 31 December 2012
New taxation forms for small sized entities
New considerations in the determination of an Economic employer
Summary of the provisions of the new Act on Insurance Premium Tax
Year end; Tax Law refinements
Re-directing 1% of your personal income tax liability
Tax benefits available in Free Entrepreneurial Zones
Tax Newsletter
Thinking Beyond Borders
Basel III and Financial Regulation Newsletter
Question Marks
Impact of IFRS: Automotive
Issues monitor - Retail
Preparing for the Unexpected

Tax Alerts 

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Change in the deadlines for VAT refund claims
Hungary: Tax audits
December deadline