Why KPMG? 

You’ve got to be motivated and talented to work at KPMG, and we’ll help you get even better. We will help you as your career progresses or you experience new opportunities.


Our strategic objective is to attract and retain the best-prepared and motivated people as well as ensuring their continuous professional development and a proper work-life balance.


KPMG is the world's second most popular employer – according to a survey carried out by Universum in 2010, in which almost 130,000 students around the world cast their vote for the most attractive workplace.


Excellent working conditions, diverse benefit packages, motivating career opportunities – these are standard at KPMG.



What we offer?


  • I am encouraged to perform at my full potential
    each and every day
  • I am given access to some of the most advanced technology.
  • I am given the opportunity to build strong professional relationships with clients.
  • I have access to a whole network of new people.
  • I am provided with opportunities for professional education and personal development.
  • I am given the opportunity to work abroad.
  • I have a competitive remuneration package.
  • I have clear career opportunities.
  • Finally, KPMG offers us a GREAT work/life balance!