KPMG Events 

Professional events, conferences:
KPMG regularly organises professional conferences on a variety of topics, most of which are open to anyone who wishes to register.

If there is a fee for attending the conference or workshop, former colleagues receive a 20% discount if they indicate during the registration procedure that they are KPMG Alumni Club members.

Summer Sports Day
We organize the KPMG Summer Sports Day every year in June. This event is put on for all current staff members and all KPMG Alumni club members, and is designed to enable us to spend an enjoyable afternoon together in informal surroundings while doing sport and competing in sports tournaments.


Alumni Club business dinner
The purpose of the Alumni Club business dinner is to further strengthen our relations with former KPMG employees who are currently in senior positions. The event is attended by former colleagues in management positions and the current KPMG management.

KPMG Alumni Club - Registration

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Our goal is to remain in contact with our former colleagues, which could prove fruitful for us all in our business lives. In order for us to let you know what is happening at KPMG it is important that you provide us with your contact details.