KPMG Alumni Rewards Programme 

The KPMG Alumni Rewards Programme aims to award Alumni Club members who actively take part in our initiatives and activities.

As part of the programme we award one Alumni Club point to everyone who:

  • participates in a KPMG event open to all Alumni (conference, seminar, Summer Sports Day)
  • writes an article for the Alumni Newsletter
  • helps our work by completing Alumni questionnaires when we would like to hear the opinions of KPMG Alumni Club members, or
  • successfully participates in our Alumni referral programme.


The points collected in this way are counted up in June and our former colleagues with the highest number of points receive a prize.

KPMG Alumni Club - Registration

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Our goal is to remain in contact with our former colleagues, which could prove fruitful for us all in our business lives. In order for us to let you know what is happening at KPMG it is important that you provide us with your contact details.