KPMG Alumni Referral Programme 

This programme has been launched with the purpose of involving former colleagues in the KPMG recruitment process. As part of the Alumni Rewards Programme, Alumni club members can participate in the firm's recruitment activities by successfully recommending talented candidates for one of our vacant positions.
KPMG Alumni Referral Programme

Who can collect points?
Any Alumni Club member whose suggested candidate we hire.



  • Candidates may be recommended for any vacant position advertised on the internet or in any other media. Find current job offers at:
  • The referral must contain a brief summary of why the candidate is considered suitable for the vacant position.
  • The point is awarded if the candidate receives an offer (and accepts it) within one year of being recommended.
  • The recommended candidate must remain a KPMG employee after the three-month trial period for the point to be awarded.
  • Candidates who were hired prior to the referral or who worked at KPMG within the previous six months are not considered candidates within the framework of this programme.
  • Candidates who were previously recommended by a third party or agency or who contacted KPMG directly are not considered candidates within the framework of this programme.
  • Candidates who participated in any recruitment procedure within the previous 24 months are not considered candidates in this programme.

1. Send the CV of the recommended candidate to the email address in the advert, and in the subject write "Alumni referral / name of position".
2. In addition to the CV, briefly explain why you are recommending the candidate.
3. You will receive confirmation that the referral has been received.
4. Contact will be made with the candidate if the colleagues conducting the recruitment procedure find them suitable to proceed beyond the first phase based on their CV.
5. The recommended candidate shall be considered equal to all other candidates in the selection process, and the same criteria apply to all.


If the candidate successfully passes the recruitment procedure, and

  • receives an offer, and
  • accepts and signs the offer, and
  • starts work in accordance with the contract, and
  • stays with the company for at least three months

then the referral is considered to have been successful and the point will be awarded.


All points are recorded when obtained, i.e. after the recommended person has worked with the firm for three

months, and the points are included in the current rewards year.


How many points are awarded for a successful referral?

Every successful referral receives one point which is added at year-end to all the other points collected during the year. (The rewards year lasts from 1 June to 31 May.)


Duration of programme
KPMG reserves the right to stop or suspend the programme at any time.

KPMG Alumni Club - Registration

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Our goal is to remain in contact with our former colleagues, which could prove fruitful for us all in our business lives. In order for us to let you know what is happening at KPMG it is important that you provide us with your contact details.