Corporate Responsibility 

Corporate responsibility is part of our business model. We consider CR aspects in all our business decisions and activities. According to the guiding principles of our CR Strategy 2011-2015, we are fostering sustainability, commitment, involvement of staff and raising awareness through our four pillars of activity: our people, communities, business partners and the environment.

A dedicated CR Manager is responsible for setting the CR Strategy and for overseeing its implementation. He reports to the national Senior Manager and supervises the working groups, which involve our people representing all levels and functions of KPMG in Hungary.

Our Corporate Responsibility strategy and actions are built on four areas:


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Our People Communities Environment Business Partners
We provide an open, innovative and inspiring working environment to our people, and maintain our Employer of Choice status, through our commitment to respect diversity and focusing on health and well-being. We make a valuable contribution to our communities, focusing on education and healthcare, through volunteering, helping those in need and using our professional skills via pro bono work to help raise the transparency and professionalism of NGOs. We manage and reduce our carbon footprint by improving the energy efficiency of our office building, developing our info-communication tools and rationalizing our business travel. We disseminate our responsible approach to our business partners including our clients and suppliers, through professional organizations and our business networks.