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By entering the domain (” Site”), you, as User, accept as binding the terms of the following Privacy Policy.



KPMG Hungária Kft. as data manager and supplier of the Site (“KPMG”, “we”, “us”) seeks to provide its clients and all other enquirers with useful information about the activities and services of our company.



To assist us meet this objective we, need to manage personal data provided to us by Users. Information about the main features and conditions of KPMG’s management of Users’ personal data in connection with this Site is published below.



1.      Scope of the managed data


The User, by accessing the Site, gives his/her consent to the management of his/her personal data, as described below.


1.1.       Online newsletters. KPMG provides information for Users, by granting access to our online newsletter services. As a precondition of registering for any newsletter, the User must provide a valid e-mail address, a user name, company name, position and telephone number. The User may, at his/her choice provide further data depending on the characteristics of the particular newsletter, but the provision of such data is not a precondition of registering for the newsletter.



1.2.       Curriculum Vitae. The User has the opportunity to submit his/her application (Curriculum Vitae, reference letters, etc.) online when applying for positions announced on the Site. The User, by sending the application documents to KPMG, grants his/her consent for KPMG to manage the personal data included in the documents in strict confidentiality i.e. only KPMG’s recruitment staff will handle the data and the data will not be used for other purposes.



1.3.       „Cookies”. KPMG uses “cookies” to enhance the online experience of the User, and not to track the navigational habits of identified visitors. The information gathered by KPMG on Users is statistical only (e.g., the domain from which the User accesses the internet, the date and time the User accesses the Site, and the internet address of the web site from which the User linked directly to the Site) and not personally identifiable. KPMG uses this information about the number of visitors and their use of the Site in aggregate form to make the Site more useful and attractive to Users.



2.      The data manager


KPMG is entitled to manage, store and process the personal data provided by Users. KPMG is a company registered in the Hungarian data protection register (registration No.: 03826). Information about KPMG:


    Company name: KPMG Hungária Könyvvizsgáló, Adó- és Közgazdasági Tanácsadó Korlátolt          Felelősségű Társaság

    Address: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 31.

    Contact: Marketing and Communication department

    E-mail address:

    Company reg. No.: Cg.01-09-063183

    Tax No.: 10263332-2-44


3.      Legal basis for data management


The voluntary approval of the User (as described in 1. above).


4.      Aim of the data management


The aim of the data management is for KPMG to provide useful and user-specific information for Users.



KPMG shall not use personal data provided by the User for direct marketing purposes, without the User’s prior approval.


5.      Term of the data management


KPMG will manage the User data in connection with the newsletter services while the User subscribes to such services. If the User unsubscribes from the newsletter (in a way described in the newsletter), KPMG will not manage his/her personal data after the date of unsubscribing.



KPMG will retain the personal data provided in job application documents for two years calculated from the application deadline of the related job offer.


6.      Rights of Users, legal remedies


The User may request information regarding the management of his/her personal data, and may request the correction and the deletion of his/her personal data, with the exception of data management prescribed by law.


Upon the User’s request, KPMG shall provide information regarding

  • the User’s personal data managed or processed by KPMG;
  • the name, address and data management activities of KPMG;
  • the aim, legal basis and the term of the User’s managed data; and
  • who receives the data and for what purpose.


KPMG is entitled to transfer the User's data to third party just in case of having the User's special written approval of the transmission. 


By law, the User may object to the management of his/her personal data, if

  • the transmission of the personal data is necessary only in the interests of the data manager or a third party receiving the data,
  • the use or transmission of the personal data serves the purpose of direct marketing, opinion polling or a research survey,
  • the right to object is otherwise granted by law.



On receipt of an objection from a User, KPMG will immediately suspend its management of the User’s data, investigate the objection and inform the User in writing about the result within 15 days.


Users may turn to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (located at 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.) regarding any question in connection with personal data protection.


If the User believes his/her rights have been violated, the User may turn to the Court for remedy. Also, if the User does not agree with KPMG’s decision regarding the User’s objection, he/she may turn to the Court for legal remedy within 30 days of being informed of that decision.



7.      Miscellaneous provisions


7.1.       Applicable law. The legal regulations of the Republic of Hungary currently in force, and in particular the stipulations of Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code and of Act  CXII of 2011 on iInformation and Sself-dDetermination and fFreedom of iInformationLXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data, apply for any questions not regulated by this Policy. 



Note: this English language version of the Privacy Policy is a free translation from the original Hungarian language text. If there are differences, the Hungarian text rules.