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Transforming Insurance

At KPMG we have been exploring what the future might look like as the industry embraces digital technologies and starts to harness the full value of the vast amounts of data now available to it.
Modified date: 12/22/2014
Survey report

2014 Retail Compensation & Benefits survey

KPMG's 2014 Compensation & Benefits survey report shows data for 123 job positions in the Retail sector, based on a sample of 26 companies and 13 306 holders of jobs in the Greek market.
Modified date: 12/18/2014
Survey report

2014 FMCG Compensation & Benefits survey

KPMG's 2014 Compensation & Benefits survey report shows data for 139 job positions in the FMCG sector, based on a sample of 32 companies and 4 157 holders of jobs in the Greek market.
Modified date: 12/17/2014
Survey report

Executive leadership needed to drive change

This edition of the global Sourcing Advisory Pulse survey explores the need for an executive leader for the GBS function.
Modified date: 12/16/2014
Survey report

The Workplace Through the Eyes of Generation Y

KPMG Greece carried out between June to December 2013 a research to explore between the myths, stereotypes and real life facts of Gen-Y and find out what Companies should do about them in the workplace.
Modified date: 12/15/2014
Business and industry issue

Taxation of employee benefits

With the new tax law 4172/2013 it is explicitly defined that all benefits are taxable as income of employees receiving them and deducted from the taxable business income.
Modified date: 12/12/2014
Business and industry issue

Withholding Tax

As part of our continuous effort to keep you informed of current tax obligations, we set out below a list of filing dates for the forthcoming period.
Modified date: 12/12/2014
Regulatory update

Why Does Governance Matter in IT Outsourcing?

Poor governance isn't always visible when IT services are delivered internally. When outsourced, inadequacies can quickly become apparent and expensive.
Modified date: 12/10/2014
Business and industry issue

Executive Selection: The Challenges Of The New Era

Η πολυπλοκότητα της νέας μακροοικονομικής πραγματικότητας, η κατακόρυφη αύξηση της ανεργίας και οι μεταβολές σε εταιρικές δομές συνηγορούν στο ξεκίνημα μίας νέας εποχής για τη διαδικασία επιλογής και τοποθέτησης των στελεχών στον ιδιωτικό τομέα.
Modified date: 12/10/2014
Business and industry issue

Ten critical tax factors affecting an investment abroad

After a prolonged period of crisis in the Greek market, many healthy Greek businesses become more open and are able to seize the emerging opportunities in the global investment map.
Modified date: 12/2/2014
Business and industry issue
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