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Taxes Related to Doing Business in Greece

The tax environment that applies during 2015 in Greece is summarized below as it was introduced by the new Greek Income Tax Code (ITC) which came into effect as of 1 January 2014 (Law 4172/2013 as amended).
Modified date: 2/24/2015
Business and industry issue

Setting up a Business in Greece

In recent years there have been significant efforts to accelerate and simplify procedures for the establishment and operation of companies in Greece, but the reforms need to continue in order to attract investments.
Modified date: 2/24/2015
Business and industry issue

KPMG's Top 10 in 2015: Internal Audit Considerations for Technology Companies

This publication focuses on the critical role internal audit can play in helping companies manage some of their leading risks more effectively in today's challenging environment.
Modified date: 2/17/2015
Business and industry issue

Withholding Tax

As part of our continuous effort to keep you informed of current tax obligations, we set out below a list of filing dates for the forthcoming period. We emphasize that this is not a comprehensive list, but rather a list of the most important filings.
Modified date: 2/11/2015
Regulatory update

Annual Analysis from KPMG for the Private Insurance Market

KPMG in Greece has carried out an analysis of the financial statements in a sample of 20 private insurance companies for the year ended 31 December 2013. The Analysis includes a number of important financial ratios relating to the insurance market.
Modified date: 2/10/2015
Business and industry issue; Survey report

2014 General Compensation & Benefits survey

KPMG's 2014 General Compensation and Benefits Survey, using a sample of 173 Greek and multinational companies, provides information on trends in the market in pay and benefits, and to labor issues.
Modified date: 2/10/2015
Business and industry issue; Survey report

Need for certification of internal auditors in Greece

The internal audit and the profession of internal auditing are both relatively new concepts in Greece, and became widely known in the early nineties, thanks to decision 5/204 / 14-11-2000 of the SEC and the Law 3016/2002.
Modified date: 2/6/2015
Business and industry issue

An alert on tax related matters introduced by Law 4316/24.12.2014

As part of our continuous effort to keep you updated on the latest tax developments, we summarize below the most significant tax amendments introduced by Law 4316/2014.
Modified date: 2/4/2015
Regulatory update

Payment of uncollected VAT a big burden for Greek businesses

There are many companies that essentially finance the Greek State, since they ought to pay VAT for sales that remain uncollected.
Modified date: 1/30/2015
Business and industry issue

2014 High-Tech sector Compensation & Benefits survey

KPMG's 2014 Compensation & Benefits survey report shows data for 168 job positions in the High-Tech sector, based on a sample of 17 companies and 5 012 holders of jobs in the Greek market.
Modified date: 1/29/2015
Survey report
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