The Interviews 

Read candid and sometimes surprising views of KPMG’s audit leaders on the value of an audit – its strengths, weaknesses, and the changes that must take place to meet the needs of the Capital Markets.


Audit has proved its worth over the years, to investors and companies alike. But as the events of the last decade have shown, it’s time for change – for a revolution in audit thinking and execution.

The audit model and the profession

Rapid change in the nature of how companies create value and how investors judge them demands change and innovation from auditors. Auditors must evolve themselves in order to remain relevant as a profession.

Audit quality and value

Beyond meeting legal and regulatory requirements, audit derives its value – perhaps even its legitimacy – from the quality of its processes, from the probing, independent and skeptical approach which auditors should take, and from the trustworthiness of its outcomes.

Relationships and third-party perceptions

The audit profession is widely perceived as having fallen behind the rapid economic, technological and cultural changes of recent years. And while better communication is vital to closing this perception gap, strategic changes will be essential if the audit profession is to safeguard its future existence.

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