KPMG at Davos 

Each year, business, political and other leaders attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. From 21-24 January, over 2,500 participants, including 40 Heads of State, discussed ten global challenges affecting the world today, as well as current affairs.

KPMG has been a strategic partner of the WEF for many years, and will be supporting the WEF at six events around the world in 2015. For the Annual Meeting, each year KPMG presents WEFLIVE, an interactive social media aggregation and data visualization service that analyzes the conversations emanating from Davos, as well as what the world is saying in response. This year journalists and bloggers can use WEFLIVE to create their own unique story, share on social media and embed on their website.


KPMG participants

  • John Veihmeyer, Chairman, KPMG International and Chairman and CEO, KPMG in the US
  • Isabelle Allen, Global Head of Sales and Markets, KPMG International
  • Klaus Becker, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG AG, Germany
  • Simon Collins, Chairman and Senior Partner, KPMG LLP, United Kingdom
  • Stephen Frost, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, KPMG in the UK
  • John M. Scott, Deputy Chairman of KPMG International and Chairman of KPMG's EMA (Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Africa) Region

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