Business implications of cloud 

Adopted properly, cloud calls for executives to challenge their thinking, to look at old problems in a new light, and to create new opportunities.

"Business executives are starting to fully appreciate the potential transformative value that cloud can bring to the enterprise."

Rick Wright, Global Cloud Enablement Leader, KPMG

As cloud begins to become more mainstream within the business environment, we are seeing organizations move from the 'when and why' of the cloud adoption process to instead focus on the 'how'.

Organizations are starting to shift more and more core business functions onto cloud platforms and we are seeing a growing recognition that cloud adoption is significantly more complex than originally anticipated, particularly in terms of data management, system integration and the management of multiple cloud providers.

Findings from our recent cloud research, The Cloud Takes Shape, suggest that business process redesign must occur in tandem with cloud adoption if organizations hope to achieve the full potential of their cloud investments.

And while cloud brings great opportunity for businesses, both providers and users of cloud services need to be fully aware of the business case for moving to cloud, and the risks and challenges associated with it.

Cloud-Enabled Business Transformation

Cloud-Enabled Business Transformation

As companies become more comfortable with the benefits of a cloud environment, they are gaining valuable insight into not only the potential opportunities - such as cost savings and speed to adoption - but also the practical challenges of cloud adoption.
Cloud user

The cloud takes shape

KPMG’s second global cloud survey looks at the opportunities and challenges of cloud adoption among organizations around the world.
Cloud service providers survey

Breaking through the cloud adoption barriers

A recent KPMG Survey finds that cloud providers expect their revenues from cloud services to double within the next 2 years.
Cloud user

Building a successful cloud provider service

As cloud continues to enable new business models and incremental disruptions in enterprise and consumer markets, cloud service providers need to consider a variety of business, financial reporting and tax implications to enhance the efficiency and value of their cloud offerings.

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