The interviews

Relationships and third-party perceptions 

The main focus is on improving the understanding of clients and investors, but there was also agreement that the profession should do more to contribute to the transparency of public interest clients.
  • Can auditors ask the truly tough questions? Aren't they simply too beholden to management? Close Open
  • If audits were not required, would we have them anyway? Do they create real value?Close Open
  • In that case, how can the profession enhance the value of the audit?Close Open
  • So how much of this is about investor perceptions and the demands of capital markets? Close Open
  • How about public perceptions and the needs of the wider community?Close Open
  • What about audit opinions and public reports? Should they move beyond the current pass/fail format? Close Open
  • Do you have any final thoughts?Close Open

Jimmy is the Global Head of Audit for Energy and Natural Resources and KPMG’s Head of Oil and Gas for the EMA and ASPAC region. Since joining KPMG 30 years ago, Jimmy has lived and worked in many parts of the world including the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Jimmy is a member of the UK Oil Industry Accounting Committee and the UK Financial Reporting Review Panel and has represented KPMG on a number of international committee’s including the UN ECE’s Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Harmonization of Fossil Energy and Mineral Resources Terminology.

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