Paths to population health

Healthcare organizations that want to transform, need to rethink 

What Works is a series of thought leadership reports that address some of the most pressing healthcare challenges that the world faces today.

What Works is not about strategy, it's about execution, and we're bringing together some of the world's best leaders, best thinkers, best doers, to debate seven provocations: What works for patients, communities and carers, What works for clinical and operational excellence, What works for accountable care for population health, What works for a managed and motivated work force, What works in terms of mergers, networks and alliances, What works in organizing and measuring value, and What works in terms of transforming E health through data and analytical tools.

What Works is different in three specific respects. First of all, it’s about implementation and execution of the issues that matter most to our clients and organizations. Secondly, What Works is about co-design, co-creation and co-production with our clients. We are not writing just another report. Our clients are writing a report that is relative to them. And thirdly, given that there are far more similarities than differences in the pressing issues that face countries and organizations across the world, our reports will be truly global,”

- Dr. Mark Britnell, Chairman Global Health Practice and Partner, KPMG in the UK

What Works – Paths to population health
Value-based organizations
Staying Power
Creating new value

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