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  • Date: 12/5/2012

Bridging the gap to G4: the reporting & business implications 

The G4 Exposure Draft of the Global Reporting Initiative has resulted in a significant number of responses on the challenges that many interested parties see. These changes may not be incorporated into the final version of G4, however it is our view that companies can start to understand the potential changes and consider the possible implications for reporting and for their business processes.
The GRI G4 Exposure Draft
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KPMG International hosted a series of three webinars to discuss the key changes and share our insights on the ways they would impact reporting as well as the organization, as outlined in our G4 Exposure Draft briefing: “The GRI G4 Exposure Draft: What might it mean for corporate sustainability reporting?” , available for download here. The recording of the webinar as well as the slides used during the webinars are also available here. Finally we have summarized the key changes from the Exposure Draft in a one page overview.

The Exposure Draft might not be the final version of the G4 Guidelines that will be launched at the GRI’s Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting in May 2013, but we believe it contains the essence of the changes that will be included in the next generation guidelines.

Climate Change and Sustainability - Obtain timely information on the issues that can help your organization enhance its overall sustainability strategy, including those related to key trends, sustainability megaforces, corporate responsibility reporting, carbon, and green tax incentives 

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