• Industry: Energy & Natural Resources, Infrastructure
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 9/3/2014

Foresight: A Global Infrastructure Perspective 

Let’s face it: today’s infrastructure development is primarily shaped by cost considerations. Whether it is the cost of debt, the cost of funding or operational costs, project owners, managers and – increasingly – users are fixated on cost.

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Maintaining infrastructure investment in an era of tax morality (PDF 106 KB)

Maintaining infrastructure investment in an era of tax morality

Featuring: David Neuenhaus, KPMG in the US
Tax morality has become a political hot topic over the past 3 years. Media and politicians are challenging legitimate tax optimization planning techniques, in part because countries are struggling with deficits and funding requirements while multi-national corporations seem to be paying relatively little direct income tax in the countries where they have operations. Historically, there has been a general acceptance of a taxpayers’ right to plan their affairs to optimize their tax position but that fundamental principle is now being challenged.

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