Infrastructure 100 World Markets Report 

In an age of austerity and with funding in short supply, governments must make difficult choices about where to focus infrastructure spend. Balancing the aspirations of a nation with the need for true social benefit is not an easy challenge.

In this year’s Infrastructure 100, a global panel of independent industry experts has once again identified 100 of the world’s most inspirational and innovative infrastructure projects – many of which are expected to transform the way the world’s populations interact with their cities, governments and environment.

This year’s edition celebrates 100 examples of great projects underway in four key markets:


Mature International Markets
Economic Powerhouses
Smaller Established Markets
Emerging Markets

This report highlights key trends driving infrastructure investment in each of these markets and demonstrates how governments are coming together with the private sector to overcome funding constraints in order to finance and build projects that can improve quality of life – both solving immediate social needs and planning for future demands.

While each country has its own approach to developing and funding infrastructure, all share the universal challenge of creating the right conditions to attract the investment so desperately needed. We hope that by spotlighting these innovative and inspirational projects, we can help catalyze positive change in our society.


Selecting the Top 100

Each of the final projects was selected for the Infrastructure 100 by a global panel of independent industry experts based on five key criteria:


  • ScaleHow does the scale of the project relate to similar developments in its class?
  • FeasibilityIs the project plan feasible and sustainable?
  • Complexity How challenging or complex is it to get stakeholder support?
  • InnovationIs there a particular challenge the project overcomes?
  • Impact on societyDoes it improve quality of life or promote economic growth?

  • Meet the Judges CloseOpen
    Economic Powerhouses
    Changhua Wu Changhua Wu The Climate Group
    Felipe Jens Felipe Jens Odebrecht Properties
    Kendra York Kendra York Indiana Finance Authority
    Rahual Asthana Rahual Asthana Formerly Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

    Smaller Established Markets
    Geoff Hunt Geoff Hunt Hawkins Group
    Steven J. Puig Steven J. Puig BANCO BHD Leon
    Francisco Gonzalez Francisco Gonzalez National Bank for Public Works and Services, Mexico
    Kogan Pillay Kogan Pillay Southern African Development Community (SADC) PPP Network

    Emerging Markets
    Thomas Maier Thomas Maier European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
    Ken Tun Ken Tun Parami Energy Group of Companies
    Aminu Diko Aminu Diko Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission
    Syed Afsor H. Uddin Syed Afsor H. Uddin Government of Bangladesh

    Mature International Markets
    Martin Rogers Martin Rogers FCIOB, FICE Formerly BAM Group (UK) Ltd.
    Gershon Cohen Gershon Cohen Aberdeen Asset Management
    Jim Betts Jim Betts Infrastructure New South Wales
    Michael Rolland Michael Rolland OMERS Private Markets

    David Stewart David Stewart Transport for New South Wales
To learn more about our judges, download (PDF 2.6 MB) the report

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Infra100: World Markets Report

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