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  • Date: 2/19/2013

Introduction to Asia 

Introduction to Asia
Since 2007, many of Asia’s debt sales markets have become somewhat sedate. One cause of the declining volume has been the global financial crisis which has reduced capital and debt financing across the board. However, it is anticipated that Asia will soon become a key focus for debt sales investors and strategic acquirers – particularly from the West – who may soon be attracted by large volumes, supportive regulation and maturing markets.
Australia - Global debt sales

Australia (PDF 1.94 MB)

Australia's secondary debt markets saw substantial activity between the second half of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, largely due to a number of European banks reducing their Australian non-core exposures and an increase in the level of trading in single NPLs.

China - Global debt sales

China (PDF 2.11 MB)

Since 1999, China has experienced a dramatic reduction in the level of non-performing loans (NPLs) held by the country's main commercial banks.

India - Global debt sales

India (PDF 2.35 MB)

In India, the value of NPLs has been steadily increasing, leading to asset quality concerns within the banking sector.

Indonesia - Global debt sales

Indonesia (PDF 2.28 MB)

Having mandated banks to maintain a capital adequacy ratio above 8 percent and a NPL loan ratio below 5 percent, Bank Indonesia (Indonesia's central bank) has effectively ensured that the country's banks are operating at a healthy asset quality.

Japan - Global debt sales

Japan (PDF 2.50 MB)

Since 2009, the balance of NPLs within Japanese banks has been steadily declining.

Korea - Global debt sales

Korea (PDF 2.08 MB)

Until 2008, Korea had been remarkably successful in reducing non-performing loan (NPL) ratios. However, NPL levels began to increase in 2008, largely due to higher default rates from SMEs who had been battered by the economic slowdown and credit crunch. The first quarter of 2012 saw an 11 percent jump in the level of NPLs held by Korea’s local banks, bringing the total value up to KRW21 trillion.

Malaysia - Global debt sales

Malaysia (PDF 2.12 MB)

Overall, the Malaysian banking sector has remained resilient over the past few years, with strong capital, sustained profitability, ample liquidity and stable loan quality.

Philippines - Global debt sales

Philippines (PDF 2.05 MB)

The Philippines' banking sector has experienced a significant improvement in asset quality, marked by steadily falling NPL ratios and adequate loan loss provisions.

Taiwan - Global debt sales

Taiwan (PDF 2.08 MB)

Since 2006, the asset quality of Taiwan's banks has seen continuous improvement with consecutive yearly decreases reported in NPLs through 2011.

Thailand - Global debt sales

Thailand (PDF 2.06 MB)

Over the past year, Thailand's Commercial Banks have experienced a slight decline in the number of gross NPLs to reach THB256.72 billion in September 2012.


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