Program and project management 

The contracting of experienced professional services firms to manage development programs and projects is widely recognized as an effective, efficient, and transparent means to deliver development aid.
Program and project management

Our program and project services are designed to offer development partners superior, effective services at every major stage in the program management cycle, and to help ensure that these programs deliver the greatest possiblebenefit to whom they are targeted.

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Fund Management

For several years, KPMG has been acting as a broad-based fund manager and intermediary for channeling funds between major donors and governments, NGOs, civil society, communities, and other beneficiary groups. In contrast to some fund managers that merely hold and disburse funds, KPMG's broad range of experience enables us to offer stakeholders a full range of additional support services, from advice and training on accounting procedures and financial reporting, to liaising with external auditors, drawing up activity plans, and procuring significant assets. For donors, KPMG's role in validating beneficiaries' accounts—and building their capacity to meet the donors' own reporting requirements—can mean the difference between a smooth flow of funds and rapid implementation, and a barrage of financial and bureaucratic hurdles resulting in unnecessary delays.

Program Research and Design Services

With our access to some of the world's leading development thinkers and institutions, KPMG assists governments, civil society and development partners in researching and designing programs that meet the specific development objectives of the host region and agenda of the development partner. Our knowledge of the very different conditions, cultures, and practices in different countries enables us to provide detailed information on the prevailing geographical, social, economic, political, and legislative conditions—and the primary issues that will need to be overcome—in order to help ensure results and sustainability of proposed and ongoing programs and projects.

Program and Project Management Services

KPMG's world-class Project Management Methodology has been used to manage all types of development initiatives, from infrastructure and social service projects to major public sector reform programs. The methodology covers the entire project management spectrum, from initial planning and budgeting to the tendering and selection of contractors. By managing the day-to-day running of a project or program, KPMG frees a client to focus on more strategic and policy level issues, safe in the knowledge that their program is in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

Monitoring and Evaluation

KPMG has a team of professionals who specialize in developing and implementing Monitoring & Evaluation systems. As a part of our Program and Project Services, KPMG can design and implement assessment activities to help measure program progress, verify outputs and determine how effective implementation has been.

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services

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