Audit and assurance services 

Transparency is key to ensure that development funds are wisely spent.
Audit and assurance services

With more than a century of experience as one of the world's leading audit providers, KPMG brings the full weight of professionalism, independence, and integrity to the monitoring and assessment of development and public sector programs. With each donor having very specific—and often very stringent—reporting requirements, it is imperative that governments, NGOs, and other development partners meet these requirements through timely and accurate financial reporting.

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External audit services

KPMG has undertaken audits for development programs funded by all the major donors operating throughout the world, and possesses a strong level of understanding of their individual reporting needs. Our auditing service covers the three main elements of a reputable international audit:

  • Reviews of accounts and financial statements
  • Compliance with donor regulations and accounting principles
  • Checks of internal controls

Internal Audit Services

KPMG's Internal Audit Services are not just a one-off service but also a long-term auditing process that will encourage future financial transparency and business results. Our internal audit services examine every aspect of an organization's management and operations, from their auditing strategies, processes, and personnel to financial controls, software programs, and reporting systems.

Pre-grant Evaluations

Our comprehensive Pre-Grant Evaluations, which are generally considered the leading practice in the funding sector, include:

  • Budget benchmarking
  • Human resource assessments
  • Governance and collaboration analysis
  • Subgrantee evaluation
  • Procurement and supply chain analysis
  • Program management capacity
  • Financial management systems review

Commodity Tracking and Audits

We also provide a full range of audit services to donors to ensure that commodities such as emergency food aid, medicines, and supplies have been appropriately distributed – from checking that proper storage facilities exist to ensuring that goods are received by their rightful beneficiaries.

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services

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