Accountable government institutions 

Sustained economic and social development is reliant upon responsive and accountable government institutions.
Accountable government institutions

KPMG is committed to improving the quality of governance to increase the level of accountability and effectiveness across governments across the world. Our recognized global expertise in public financial management means that we have a firm understanding of the many challenges facing the public sector. And our services are tailored to specific development organisations, whether they are governments, donors, NGOs, or communities, to help them achieve their specific goals.

How can we help?

Institutional Assessments

From a large donor program to a stand alone NGO, KPMG can carry out comprehensive operational reviews to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation. We will examine processes, management of staff, and service delivery to improve capacity and pinpoint inefficiencies. A long-term and collaborative approach is taken and many of our clients ask us to help them to implement our recommendations.

Governance and Strategic Planning

There are very few development challenges today that deserve more attention than ensuring good governance. Our global experience provides us with the ability to bring best practice to the development community and public sector. We provide advice to institutions on how to implement robust strategic plans, how to define appropriate roles and responsibilities, and how to manage an organization's governance as it moves through different stages of the organizational lifecycle; all with a view to providing greater public accountability.

Human Resource Management and Training

KPMG offers a comprehensive suite of human resource services and training solutions to help public and private development players to implement proactive approaches for attracting, motivating, and retaining bright, dedicated employees. We offer a broad range of human resource tools and guidance, from strategic staff reviews, analysis of competencies and capabilities, to comparative pay and benefits studies. Through a systematic series of skills audits and competency profiles, KPMG can help organizations to identify weaknesses in their skills and knowledge bases, and to reinforce and redeploy staff to help maximize their human potential.

Public and Non-profit Financial Management

KPMG's public and non-profit financial management services support organizations to ensure that funds are managed in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner, and identify opportunities to improve the long-term viability of the organization. Our financial management services include the development of financial policies
and procedures, including procurement, reviews of internal controls, and the secondment of finance specialists to organizations

Monitoring and Evaluation

KPMG has a team of professionals who specialize in developing and implementing Monitoring & Evaluation systems and plans to determine the feasibility of achieving objectives and goals. Our approach also includes follow-up assessments to determine how effective implementation has been.

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services

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