Achieving innovation and leadership in sustainability 

Climate change and sustainability are at the top of corporate agendas. Energy prices and security, population growth, resource scarcity, and consumer preferences are compelling companies to act.

Innovation Leadership Sustainability

Are you capitalizing on the possibilities of sustainable business practices?

The most forward-thinking enterprises see these trends not as threats however, but as opportunities for process improvement, cost-optimization, innovation and growth.

Contact us to learn how KPMG professionals can help cut through the complexity of these challenges to help you capitalize on the commercial possibilities of sustainable business practices.

Succeeding in emerging markets

Emerging Markets

Rapid population growth and rising spending power in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries—as well as in new emerging markets such as Turkey, Columbia and Indonesia—continue to offer significant opportunities for consumer companies.

Engaging the new consumer

Engaging Consumer

Recent years have seen the rise of social media, mobile commerce, and increasingly value-conscious consumers forever change the way that companies engage and retain their customers. The amount of information that companies and consumers have access to through new technologies is vast and unprecedented.

Driving efficiency throughout your supply chain

Supply chain efficiency

There is no doubt that global supply chains are in a state of flux. Massive change and upheaval, increased risk, and new sustainability considerations have coalesced to push supply chain optimization high on the corporate agenda.

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