We hope that taking a journey through this website gives you a good idea of what KPMG's culture is like. But we also want to mention it specifically as it plays such a big part in making KPMG such an enjoyable and satisfying place to work.

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What kind of person works at KPMG?


Moscow – A KPMG person is a person with a dedication, because sometimes our work can be intense. Days can be stressful and only integrity and interest in knowing what you do can make you a really successful KPMG person.


Montreal – I think it’s a person who is dedicated, who likes challenges in life and likes having fun.


New York – I would describe my colleagues as some of the smartest people I have ever met, very intelligent, diverse. They are all from different backgrounds, different experiences, different countries — so, very vibrant environment.


Hyderabad – My colleagues are amazing. They are highly talented and it’s exciting to work with them.


Johannesburg – They definitely have to be above average, flexible and caring about people and about everything that is happening around them — passionate and highly innovative people.


London – Fun, diverse, bit whacky at times and very motivated — that’s what everyone’s got in common here.


Johannesburg – Someone who cares for the greater good


Sydney – Someone who has the drive to excel, someone who can balance both work and personal life and, obviously, someone who is a good team player and communicator


Johannesburg – Somebody who is not afraid of a challenge, not afraid of hard work but can strike the balance — I think that is the most important thing.


Manchester – Someone who is hardworking, dedicated, likes to have fun and has plenty of outside interests


New York – Someone who has values and is dedicated to their job


Johannesburg – Somebody who respects the individual; somebody who’s a team player


Delhi – There are some crazy and wild people here — people who can bring in a cheerful, energetic environment, and sometimes the craziness helps, especially because we work late hours and with tight deadlines.


Moscow – They are really great professionals and are always ready to provide you with help and support.


New York – Very professional, caring and fun to work with


Johannesburg – KPMG people are free thinkers; they are passionate people and people who will go above and beyond the call of duty.


Sydney – Everyone is really friendly, intelligent and hardworking.


London – A KPMG person is someone who is driven, career motivated, friendly, approachable, good with clients, good with teams and likes to have fun as well.


Moscow – On my first day at KPMG, I got a chance to meet really educated and interesting people; I am really excited to work with such people.


Johannesburg – My colleagues are the most interesting, diverse bunch of people you can imagine. We have different types of people with all sorts of lives and we have a lot of fun together.

The KPMG culture is rooted in our values — values like integrity and honest communication. It's a culture of trust and collaboration, flexibility and diversity, a culture in which people share knowledge freely and genuinely try to bring out the very best in others. Asked why they choose to work with us, clients talk about our high level of professional ethics, our loyalty and our approachability.


This culture allows you to flourish both as a professional and as an individual — to enjoy a challenging career and get the most from your personal life. It means you can move to a different department or even different country and still find the same working culture. When we recruit, we look for people who will enjoy our culture, quickly feel at home and thrive on the opportunities it provides. Would you?


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