Greg Wiebe on Tax Careers 

KPMG’s Global Head of Tax shares his personal insights into the shifting business and tax environment faced by clients, and the corresponding career and growth opportunities for tax professionals at KPMG member firms.

Greg Wiebe on Tax Careers:

“It’s a career, It’s not a job”

When I think about a career in Tax with KPMG it is just that – it’s a career it’s not a job. And I think about the last 27 years for me the variety of experiences that I have had. I’ve worked in 4 or 5 different offices, I’ve worked in different service lines, you know I’ve progressed from a brand new accountant to a partner to a partner in charge of a tax practice to the role that I have today. It’s the variety of opportunity that I think is really exciting for someone that joins KPMG. Someone else’s career path will never be the same as mine but they will be able to build their own career path with their skill-set and their interests.

“Develop people to their full potential”

People have a tremendous opportunity to progress within KPMG. Build your own career path, find your own way, find different experiences, the things that really get you excited and make it exciting to get up for work each and every morning, you know rush to work. One of the areas that I think KPMG does particularly well is develop people to their full potential. So if someone has an aspiration we’re right there supporting them, giving them the opportunity and making sure they are well supported as they explore those particular opportunities. That’s the thing that’s exciting for me. When I think about people that start in this profession, young tax professionals, what do I get excited about? Its 3 years later when all of a sudden they are promoted to manager and they are really excited. It’s just fascinating to see. Or when they become partner. Or even if they decide to leave the firm and do something else and they are now with a client – how fond the memories are of the great experience that they had within KPMG. It’s those connection points that we try to build for a lifetime, throughout someone’s career, that I think as an organization we strive for, and I think we do a very good job of it.

“Tax is where it’s at”

I think Tax is where it’s at, especially today, because if you think about the global situation, it’s all about governments trying to raise revenue, massive deficits, tax being at the forefront of that, us helping all of our clients deal with those particular areas. It’s about emerging markets, countries trying to grapple with new tax systems, it’s about our clients trying to access those new markets and all complexities involved, that’s where we help them aswell. It’s about continuing to see us be more than relevant in the eyes of the marketplace because the complexity that those companies are dealing with is something that they just can’t deal with alone and so we add value each and every day with the type of expertise we bring to our clients. That’s why I think it’s exciting, it’s fascinating to me.

“We have the expertise”

Almost every one of our clients is an entity that’s subject to tax in some way – whether its an indirect tax, whether it’s a corporate tax or whether it’s an individual who pays personal income tax. And whether they have a massive Tax Group in-house or whether they have no tax professionals, the fact is that they know we have the expertise that we can provide to them to make sure that they fully comply, the risk is reduced, and that where there are those opportunities to minimize tax we are there to help bring those solutions to them. Whether it’s a small client, or the biggest of the multinationals we can always provide value to our clients.

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