• Service: Audit
  • Level: Assistant Manager
  • Joined: 2007
  • Location: Hong Kong

Text version:


Alarm goes off …


Sonia: “What a good day. It’s very early in the morning, let’s keep our voices low, my parents are still sleeping but it’s my time to go to work.”


Sonia leaves her home.


Sonia: Good morning I am Sonia. Today I would like to show you what a typical day of being an auditor is like. Hmmm, let me think. Today I have a deadline, I have to hand the working paper file to my manager and after lunch I have to go to the institute to apply for the CPA exam. OK, let’s go.”


Sonia boards a train, looking at the map she says: “My office is here, it takes me about 10 minutes but it’s not a big deal because we have the subway in Hong Kong, it’s very convenient for me to go anywhere. Here is where I live.”


Sonia enters the KPMG office. “Here is KPMG. I worked here for three years since I graduated from university. My department concentrates on information, communication, property and infrastructure, but to me I mainly concentrate on some property developer. Let’s take a closer look at my desk, see here are all of my decorations. I still have half an hour to go. That is my working paper that I will hand in to my managers. Today is my deadline. Let’s go to my managers office and put it here. Today I am going to apply for my CPA exam and at the same time I would like to borrow some books for my exam. Every night after work I like to come to the library to study for 1-2 hours to prepare for my CPA exam. Look at this, I’m nearly finished.”


Sonia goes bowling after the library.

I am an Assistant Manager in the Infrastructure, Property, Consumer and Entertainment markets division of Audit in the Hong Kong office of KPMG China. There are about 120 people in the division and around 2,000 staff in the Hong Kong office. My job requires me to travel quite a bit and I really enjoy the variety. To me, the satisfaction I get from my job keeps me energized everyday
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