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Leading insights 

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From the impact of new and changing regulation, to creating new business models and strategies, to entering new markets, clients value the advice, expertise and experience KPMG firms bring to the critical issues that face their organizations every day.

larry Bradley

Innovating the future of audit

Larry Bradley, Global Head of Audit explains that innovation is not always a concept associated with audit. Innovation is, however, at the heart of our strategy for responding to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we face as auditors.

Greg Wiebe

The rising importance of tax

Greg Wiebe, Global Head of Tax, "in the past 12 months, we have seen the emotion of the global debate over tax morality and fairness shift to action by legislative and regulatory bodies. It reflects the growing recognition that many aspects of current tax systems are not fit for purpose in a global and increasingly digital economy."

Mark Goodburn

Reinforcing our position as trusted advisor

Mark A. Goodburn, Global Head of Advisory, "Across our Management Consulting, Transactions & Restructuring and Risk Consulting practices we continue to invest and innovate, striving to consistently be the clear choice for clients."